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Modern Life

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Modern Life

Post by BasilMeer on 29th November 2010, 12:50 pm

Modern Life is a game set in the Modern Era, yes, the Era in which we are. The game revolves around the main character Takashi who is a transferred student. His father had died when he was little so it was his mother who brought him up. Takashi gets kicked out of every school because of his Delinquent behaviour. However, this new life that he begins changes him eventually.

Takashi is a 14 year old Delinquent who keeps getting expelled from schools due to his Delinquent like behaviors. Takashi lost his father when he was very young and has been brought up by his mother alone. Takashi had been ill-treated by everyone throughout his life. It was only his mother that loved him. After getting expelled again, Takashi runs away from his home. He comes back later to see what's his mother doing and feels so guilty when he sees her crying. Takashi then apologizes and then tells her that he will change this time. Having some hopes, he gets admit into another school. Here Takashi's new life begins where he meets new friends and becomes a better person.

Name: Takashi Daisuke
Age: 14
Bio: A child who had suffered the loss of his father when he was very young. He has a habit of getting into fights. He may seem like a cold hearted guy but deep inside he is a very kind person

Name: Hibiki Ichiro
Age: 14
Bio: The first friend Takashi makes in his new school. Hibiki is a greedy kind of person. He can do almost anything for money but he can also prove himself as a loyal and trustful friend.

Name: Ryohei Katashi
Age: 15
Bio: The senior of Takashi and Hibiki, Ryohei Katashi is a person who has the fists of iron. He is a member of the Boxing Club in his school and is known as the Iron Fist. Ryohei becomes Takashi's and Hibiki's friend when they come to his rescue when he gets attacked by Noburu and his gang.

Name: Noburu Ryouta
Age: 15
Bio: Noburu is the school's most worst student. He is the leader of the gang called "Dark Warriors". They wear the armors and beat anyone who comes across them. Ryohei was one of his victims.

Phone System
Hand to hand fights
Stamina System
Alignment System (Good, Bad, Delinquent)

I will post more screenshots and stuff if I will get help from someone in mapping 'cause I am very bad at it.

I NEED HELP PEOPLE!!! Please, I need someone who knows a lot about Japanese Highschools and can sprite or map stuff like highschool grounds, interior etc. Help would be appreciated Very Happy

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