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Eternal Destiny 2: Dawn of the new age

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Eternal Destiny 2: Dawn of the new age

Post by Rose Guardian on 9th September 2011, 3:01 pm


Eternal Destiny 2: Dawn of the new age is a sequel to Eternal Destiny. It takes place a thousand years after the first game. If have not played the first Eternal Destiny I recommend playing it before you play this one. Also please keep in mind this game is a lot harder than the first Eternal Destiny and is not met for anyone who doesn’t like grinding.


A thousand years ago the world was threatened by a demon. This demon was going to take over the world if no one stopped him.
So the demon found a human host to possess. However this human was actually a dragon which made things much easier. The dragon’s brother Sengal then found out and broke the possession. He fought the demon and defeated it.
A war broke a year later against the dragon Queen Tiamat. The war was lost and Tiamat took over the world giving people no rights. She keeps guards at all of the villages, towns and cities to keep people from disobeying her cruel laws. If anyone disobeys these laws she either kills them or throws them into her dungeon forever. Everyone who has tried to stop Tiamat has failed. The time has come for a brave warrior to stand up against her once and for all.


Drago Azer
Age: 17
Height: 6’4
Weight: 160lbs
Profile: Drago is the main character of the story. He loves to sneak out and go fishing in Luna Forest when the guard of his town is not paying attention. He hates Tiamat and is not really sure how to stop but will do anything to get rid of her.

Artina Azer
Age: 16
Height: 5’
Weight: 130lbs
Profile: Artina is Drago’s sister; she is always getting on him about everything. She likes to pick roses around the village and put them in vases. When her brother decides to go after Tiamat she chooses to go with him and help him stop her.

Alec Surge
Age: Unknown
Height 6’2
Weight: 155lbs
Profile: Alec is a mysterious man who the guard in Drago’s town was after. Not much about him is known other than he wants stop Tiamat.

Vala Warren
Age: 19
Height: 5’3
Weight: 125lbs
Profile: Vala is a mage from Rose City. She is very skilled with magic. She chose to go help Drago defeat Tiamat so that they can bring peace back to the world.(Not in this demo)

Screen Shots:


Swear word warning:


RPG Tankentai version 3.4e translated by Mr. Bubble
KGC Limit Break
KGC Interface
KGC Screen Capture
KGC File Encryption
KGC Comprass Save File
KGC Large Party
KGC Steal
BigEd781's Level up Display
NMS3 by Woratana
Battleback Area by Diakonos
Mog Scene Story for Modified for VX by LoMastul
Remove Auto Shadow by Game Baker
Tiny Overworld Sprites VX by Ccoa
Shifting Emotional Battle Status by wltr3565
Save System by Woratana
Battler SE (Sideview Battle System Version) By: Rockleedude
Yanfly Menu Redux

Inquesitor’s Tilesets
Mack Character sets
Fire Emblem
Breath of Fire

Voices for the battle sounds effects script and are from various Tales of games.

RTP Version for those who do not have RMVX:

No RTP Version for those who have RMVX:

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