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favourite movies

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favourite movies

Post by praygon on 13th November 2010, 7:05 pm

well the title explains it all people what are your all time favourite movies?. for me my top fives gotta be:

1: the shawsank redemntion (if yourv ever seen this film yourll understand why i ranked it number 1)

2: V for vendetta ( not quite true to the comics but hey who cares, some of the deepest quotes iv ever heard in a film and it appels hugely to the anarchist inside me Very Happy)

3:Final fantasy 7 - advent children (sephiroth nuf said)

4:Hot rod (this film was made by the guys behind the band lonely island hardly anyone seems to have even heard of this film but it is well worth seeing an incredibly funny film)

5: the count of monte cristo - 2002 version (just an incredibly well writen well acted film i suppose im just a sucker for films about revenge)

what about yours?


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Re: favourite movies

Post by Light on 13th November 2010, 8:08 pm

hmmmm i would say
1 spirited away,
2 Howls moving castle
3 the resident evil movies
(afterlife was so awesome in 3d)
4 both final fantasy movies
5 houcus pocus


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Re: favourite movies

Post by Lymmet on 14th November 2010, 5:15 pm

1) Forgetting Sara Marshall
2) Get Him to the Greek
3) Rush Hour 1,2 & 3
4) Lock, stock and two smoking barrels
5) Pulp Fiction

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Re: favourite movies

Post by Sponsored content

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